Is Amalgam free dental services in Vaughan Safe?

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There is an ongoing debate with the Food and Drug Administration regarding the harmful effects of mercury in amalgam fillings. Many crusaders against fillings with amalgam claim that mercury could have damaging effects on the brain as well as blood. But before we get into discussing whether mercury fillings are right or not, let us understand what it is.


What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and a few other metals. These combine to form a compound which is then used in dental services in Vaughan such as for fillings. They are long-lasting and durable. They are also easy to assemble.

So, why are people opting for amalgam-free dental services in Vaughan then?

Here are five reasons:

  1. Health concerns: The main reason people opt for amalgam-free dental services in Vaughan is that of the health concerns that are being brought to light. The FDA has not passed off any concrete regulation on the effects of mercury, but many claims that it releases harmful vapours every time we chew and hence can destroy health slowly. This is the main reason people are now opting for other dental services which do not include mercury.
  2. Tooth damage: Mercury is known to expand and contract with the changing temperatures in our mouth. Fillings which are not amalgamed free and are used in dental services in Vaughan can react the same way and cause cracks in the tooth. This damages the tooth further. It can also damage the neighbouring teeth. Amalgam-free dental services in Vaughan, on the other hand, would be harmless this way.
  3. Mercury leaks: Everything is prone to wear and tear and so are these fillings. Non-amalgam free dental services include the presence of mercury in the mouth. In Vaughan, some people believe that mercury leaks are possible if the dental filling which was not an amalgam-free dental service in Vaughan, wears and tears. This can cause it to leak into the bloodstream causing serious damage to the body. This has not yet been proven with certainty.
  4. Environmental pollution: The waste released from dental services in Vaughan which were not Amalgam free can cause environmental pollution. The mercury released due to non-amalgam free dental services can cause harm to the environment in Vaughan. When they are inexpertly released, they can become vapours and harm the air, or they can be mixed with water and cause harm to flora and fauna present in such areas. Precaution must be taken while disposing of it.
  5. Non-natural look: Dental fillings which contain mercury are silver in colour. They have the tendency to stand out and make your mouth look abnormal. Even though they are long lasting, nobody really wants to have dental filling pop out every time they smile. Amalgam-free alternatives such as composite resins and other materials are becoming more popular in dental services in Vaughan. They look the same as your natural teeth and are pleasing to the teeth.   For more information about full mouth restoration or to book an appointment for an Examination, call us at 587-747-7210.

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