Can a toothache trigger a migraine?

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Suffering from a headache and a toothache?Are you wondering if your toothache is giving you a migraine?

If so, there just might be a connection.

Almost all toothaches and headaches are detected by the trigeminal nerve, one of the largest nerves in the head. Due to this connection, most toothaches can be direct causes of headaches or even migraines.

Most headaches are caused by either dental or sinus conditions. Even dental and sinus infections can lead to migraines. Other reactions to toothaches, such as muscle clenching and jaw tightening, can eventually lead to headaches, as well.

Here are a few possible causes of your migraine:

  1. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – TMJ occurs when the ball and socket joint of the upper and lower jaw doesn’t connect properly. The pressure placed on your jaws can trigger severe headaches along with severe aches in the jaw. Reducing these symptoms can alleviate the accompanying headache. Speak with your dentist for a suitable solution.
  2. Teeth clenching – The act of grinding or clenching your teeth is known as bruxism. Bruxism may occur at night when you clench your teeth when you sleep or subconsciously throughout the day. The pressure caused by clenching or grinding places tremendous pressure on your facial muscles leading to headaches and even migraines. This ailment can usually be solved with the help of an anti-grinding mouth guard. Discuss your issues with a dentist for suitable solutions.
  3. Infected cavities and gums – Toothache caused by infected cavities or gums can also cause severe headaches. Proper proactive oral care can help reduce the chances of migraines caused due to toothache. If the pain persists, visit your dentist immediately.

If you think your migraine and tooth pain are related, then it is best you consult your dentist. At Marble Dental Centre, we can diagnose the problem and offer you effective solutions.

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