Are Dental crowns better than fillings?

Are Dental crowns better than fillings?

If you are suffering from tooth issues and wondering whether you should go with a crown and filling well this article can give you a better idea on which one would ideal for you and why. If you are looking for a Dental crowns Vaughan. Visit today to book a consultation at Marble Dental Centre. We are based in Vaughan, Ontario.

The difference between crowns and fillings

Before you have an idea whether you should go with a filling or a crown, you should know what the difference between them is.

Crowns can be compared to dental implants and are put into the damaged tooth/teeth to treat the situation. It is generally a porcelain or a ceramic prosthetic tooth which covers your existing tooth and protects it from further decay. Crowns can be used with dental bridges that close the gap between teeth. They can protect weak teeth and restore broken ones. The major advantage of using dental crowns Vaughan with bridges can give you more stability whilst chewing or talking. However, a dental crown has its disadvantages as well. It is only used as a cover your tooth and the damaged portion is not removed before the process is carried out. Which means, there is a chance of further decay of the tooth followed by infection.

This is where a dental filling service has its benefits. When you are undergoing a dental filling service, the dentist would completely remove the damaged part of the tooth, clean the area completely and then fill it with a neutral filling material, which can be anything from an amalgam, porcelain or even gold (depends on your choice).  Fillings are generally used to treat cavities. Serious cavity problems may require a mix of both dental filling and dental crowning procedures.

So, coming back to the question on which one is better? It completely depends upon your condition and we would always suggest you to consult with a professional dentist before undergoing any of the procedures. At Marble Dental Centre, our team have been practising dentistry for many years, Rely on us for a fantastic service.


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