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After Dental Implant Placement at Marble Dental Centre in Vaughan

What Are the Potential complications after placing dental implants?

Although usually patients are concerned about the pain after dental implant surgery procedure, most patients do not experience any post-operative pain. At Marble Dental Centre in Woodbridge, pain-killers and antibiotics will be prescribed for you to make your recovery after the surgery as easy as possible.

Infection, implant failure and loosening in the initial phase and periimplantitis are some of the common complications seen after dental implant placement. Such problems mostly occur in immune compromised patients, smokers and diabetic patients.

How Long Will the Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are designed to be in function for a long period of time. This, however, depends on so many factors such as systemic disease, smoking habits, oral hygiene and etc. Long-term studies (more than 30-35 years) show an 80 to 90 percent success rate in healthy candidates when all teeth are being replaced. For patients missing one or two teeth, recent studies show a success rate of greater than 95 percent which is amazing.

When Are the crowns Attached to The Implant?

It usually takes 3-6 months to have a good healing around the implant. The implant crowns are usually attached to the implant fixture when bone is healed enough around the implant and your jaw bone is firmly fused to the implant. Depending on some factors, it may be possible to begin this phase of your treatment shortly after implant surgery. We at Marble Dental Office in Woodbridge, Vaughan, will review and discuss the most appropriate treatment sequence and timing with to obtain ideal results.

The dental work and planning required to complete your implant treatment is quite complex. Most of the work involves making the new implant crowns before they are placed. Your appointments at Marble Dental clinic in Vaughan are considered more comfortable and more pleasant than previous methods of tooth replacement. Usually this type of procedure can be performed without numbing the area.

Your restorative treatment phase begins with specialized scans using cutting edge technology at Marble Dentistry in Woodbridge that allow us to produce a replica of your mouth and implants in a short period of time. We will also take “bite” records using our advanced dental scanner so that we see the relationship of your upper and lower jaws. With this information, we will be able to make the abutments that attach your replacement teeth (implant crowns) to your implant fixtures. Various types of abutments are available on the market.

At our dental office in Vaughan, the number of appointments and the amount of time required for each appointment is different for each patient. No two treatment cases are exactly the same and regardless of the number of teeth replaced by dental implants, the treatment must be completed with great precision and attention to detail to make sure the best results are achieved. If you are having only one or a few teeth replaced, as few as three appointments with our experienced dentist in Woodbridge may be required. Between your appointments, we will need time to complete the necessary lab work to make your implant crowns. It is most beneficial that you keep all of your scheduled appointments to make sure your treatment process is as fast as possible.

If your final restoration is a removable denture supported by implants, the number of appointments is different. In this case, usually you will need to come to as many as five office appointments in a 6 months period. During these appointments, we will perform a series of scans/impressions, bites and adjustments in order to make your new dentures, as well as the custom support bars, balls, magnets, or clips that will secure your denture to the implants in Vaughan. During this period, every effort will be made to ensure you have comfortable, temporary dentures.

In general, once your implants are placed at Marble Dental Care in Vaughan, you can expect your tooth replacement treatment to be completed anywhere from 3 to 9 months. Thus, it is difficult for us to tell you how much the restorative phase of your treatment will cost, although you should receive a reasonable estimate from our office. It also is difficult to give you a specific timeframe for completion of your treatment until after the implants are ready for restoration as it varies in different individuals.

If you are interested in dental implants, please give us a call at (905) 303 0066 to book you an implant consultation with our dentist and dental surgeon in Woodbridge, Vaughan.

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