Full Mouth Reconstruction an Overview

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It is a process of reconstructing and rebuilding in the lower and upper jaws.
Why do you need full mouth reconstruction?
It may be because of one of the following reason:
·         If teeth are lost due to decay or trauma
·         If teeth are injured or fractured
·         If teeth are severely worn

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This procedure should only be done after careful examination of the teeth. Your dentist will examine the extent of the problem to set treatment options that can be used to correct it. These are some of the particulars that are examined:

Teeth: Your dentists will check and examine tooth decay or cavities, tooth wear, cracks, root canal problems and any tooth issues.
Gum Tissues: Before mouth reconstruction, if the gums are not healthy, you might need scaling and root planing. If the situation is more intense, then your dentist might follow different treatments to repair those irregularities.
Esthetics: The color, structure, size and shape of your teeth and jaw are also important factors in full mouth reconstruction treatment.

X-rays, photographs, upper and lower tooth impression is recorded. Then, the model of teeth is constructed. Later, a plan is drawn which is the best and suites your teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction is an amalgamation of different procedures. So only a dentist or a specialist who are taking care of your treatment can suggest about procedures that are needed for your specific case.
The treatment might take up to 12 months or more, depending upon the condition of your teeth. Here are some of the procedures that may be involved:
·         Periodontal care and Prophylactic teeth cleaning
·         Crown lengthening
·         Jaw Repositioning
·         Contouring of the gum tissue
·         Reducing your natural tooth structure so that bridges, crowns or veneers can be placed
·         Placement of temporary restorations
·         Placement of permanent restorations
·         Orthodontics (braces)

So, what are you waiting for? Please visit our dentist in Vaughan to know more about this treatment.

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