6 Tips For Getting Rid of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Having a bad case of Halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, can be embarrassing. It can seriously negatively impact your self-confidence and stop you from interacting with the rest of the world. Here are some tips to follow to help you get rid of bad breath and get you feeling like the best version of yourself.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene
Brushing and flossing your teeth is the most important part of keeping bad breath at bay. These two actions being done in a steady routine twice a day will remove all of the plaque, tartar, and food remains that are the source of bad breath. Be sure to also brush your tongue and rinse with mouthwash to be extra clean.

Stay Hydrated
This may sound a bit silly, but staying hydrated decreases your chances of having bad breath. When your mouth is dry, it is unable to wash away bacteria and food particles. Replenishing the water in your body can be the simplest step to getting rid of bad breath. In addition to that, staying hydrated is a great way to help all of your body’s systems, functions, and organs working in proper condition.

Avoid Food and Drink Triggers
If you know you have a problem with consistent bad breath, avoid certain foods and drinks that cause bad smelling breath. This includes garlic, onions, coffee, and alcohol. Even some spices and certain dishes of food may not be ideal if you’re trying to avoid having bad breath. If a food/ drink smells particularly pungent, eliminate a potential problem by simply not consuming the substance.

Eat Things With Lots of Zinc
Did you know that people with bad breath often suffer from low zinc levels? It’s true! You may be able to help your bad breath issue by eating things with a higher dose of zinc in them such as oysters, beef, firm tofu, lentils, and low-fat yogurt.

Chew On Some Parsley
Parsley is pretty, flavorful, and great at banishing bad breath. It contains cholophyll, a natural deodorizer that will freshen breath. As long as it doesn’t taste like soap to you, parsley can really help you out!

Quit Smoking
This tip is quite obvious although it is quite easier said than done. A proven side effect of smoking is consistent bad breath due to the smoke particles lingering in the mouth, throat, and lungs, even if you’d stubbed out your cigarette long ago. It also causes bad breath because smoking will dry out the mouth.

Visit Your Dentist
Visiting your dentist is the most important part in ensuring a healthy mouth and thusly, good smelling breath. By visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings, your dentist will get rid of anything that can be causing your bad breath and give you more personalized suggestions on how to fix the problem. Don’t underestimate the power that your dentist has for providing you with the best smile, healthiest mouth, and freshest breath possible.

If you’re concerned about your bad breath, try out these home remedies. If your conditions get worse, visit your dentist to discover what might be causing the problem and how you can fix it. If you are in need of dental assistance, call Marble dental Centre today at 905.303.0066.

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