How Effective is Sedative Dentistry?

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For most of us, dental procedures mean fear and pain. Many of them worry about the discomfort and the pain that they might feel.  Sedation dentistry Vaughan helps to make you feel more comfortable during the procedure. But the real question is if sedation dentistry is the right choice for you?

Definition of Sedation Dentistry

With sedation dentistry, the dentist gives a drug during the dental procedure. Only general anesthesia can completely put the patient unconscious. There are other forms available which relax the patient but do not make him completely unconscious.

Some types of chemicals used in sedation dentistry are:
•    Nitrous oxide
•    Oral sedatives: Oral sedatives, such as diazepam
•    Intravenous sedatives/general anesthesia

Some patients think that the best solution is general anesthesia, but it also has more side effects than the other methods. Before choosing any of the sedation dentistry types, talk to your dentist first. It is also very important to mention any allergic reactions to anesthesia so that your dentist can give a better recommendation.
Also, you can discuss local anesthetics with your dentists. A local anesthetic numbs your mouth, given with a short needle n several places along your gumline. Using local anesthetic means that the dentist will not experience any pain.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?
The effectiveness of sedation depends on the type used.  If you are taking an oral sedative, your dentist will give you instructions on how to use the oral sedative. Once the medication is taken, it will help you feel more relaxed with reduced anxiety.
If you are using nitrous oxide, then the dentist will supply it before and after the procedure. No special preparation is needed. If you are using IV sedation, the doctor might ask you to not drink or eat anything several hours before the procedure. The dentist might also ask you to avoid any medication before the IV sedation.
So, If you are worried about upcoming dental work, ask your dentist about dental sedation. To know more about sedation dentistry, contact our dentists in Vaughan now!

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