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The importance of replacing Lost or Missing Teeth

At Marble dental Centre in Vaughan, we recommend patients to consider replacement of lost or missing teeth whenever indicated. Why we should Replace Lost or Missing Teeth?

There are some reasons that people lose their teeth. No one wants to lose a tooth, especially due to dental decay, dental trauma, or gum disease. In some cases, you may need your dentist in Woodbridge to perform a tooth extraction. If your permanent tooth was removed by your dentist in Vaughan, it is very important to replace the tooth for many reasons.

Not only can a missing tooth affect your bone and gum, but missing multiple teeth can impact your confidence. At Marble dental Centre near Woodbridge, Vaughan, we are passionate about making you comfortable and giving you a smile you deserve.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

It can impact other teeth, bone and gum

After you lose a tooth, you may think it only impacts that one area, but unfortunately that is not true. When a tooth goes missing, other teeth will shift and drift into the area trying to compensate by filling in the missing space. This can cause crowding, overbite and food impaction. As teeth move, replacing the missing tooth becomes harder and they may require orthodontic intervention, such as braces, space maintainers, or Invisalign.

It can change the way you smile and speak

Missing even one tooth might impact your ability to eat, speak, and smile the way you had before. If you are a working professional who needs to interact with other people at work, you may feel embarrassed to speak in front of people or do your job with a visible missing tooth. You may have to miss out on your favorite meals or stop smiling because of the hit on your confidence as there is missing tooth in your smile.

It can impact your appearance

  Without the support of your teeth, your face may start to droop or sag after losing teeth. The changes in the shape of your face can result in vertical dimension loss, bone loss, sunken cheeks, and other distortions. If you can contact our team at Marble Dental Centre in Woodbridge, Vaughan right away, we can work hard to restore your smile before other cosmetic changes happen. Our dental office near me in Vaughan offers cosmetic and surgical services to patients.

 Main Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are great options when there is one or two missing teeth. If you are missing one or two teeth, we can help you restore your smile with a dental bridge if indicated. Dental bridges are false teeth made of porcelain that attach to two crowns. These crowns are cemented to the teeth on either side of the gap with the fake tooth replacing the missing tooth. As long as your teeth are healthy with good bone support around the gap and supported with enough amount of bone/gum, you should have no problem with this restoration option offered at Marble Dental Centre in Vaughan.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing more than just one or two teeth in the same area, and surgery is not an option, partial dentures can provide a solution. Partial dentures are removable restoration options offered at our dental office in Woodbridge. Taking care of dentures does require some extra time as they are removable, but they can restore your smile and your ability to talk and chew.

Dental Implants

Many of our patients at Marble Dental Office in Vaughan opt for more permanent solutions like dental implants. Because of the material used in implants (typically titanium), this type of restoration can last for a long period of time. One of the main advantages of dental implants is that they look just like your natural teeth and can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth as well. 

Restorative and Implant Dentistry in Woodbridge, Vaughan

If you have a missing tooth (or teeth) it’s important to get a replacement as soon as you can to minimize the complications! The dentists and oral surgeons at Marble Dental Centre can help you restore your smile and protect your dental health. Schedule an appointment online or over phone today to discuss the options available and find out how we can complete your smile.

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