root canal therapy in vaughan

Root canal treatment is a procedure that should effectively clean the innermost part of a tooth’s roots. The purpose of performing root canal therapy is to save your tooth from extraction, prevent pain, and relieve any existing pain. Contrary to what most people think, the root canal procedure does not inflict pain but rather offers relief from pain. Dentists administer local anesthesia before starting the procedure, so you hardly feel a thing while they perform the process.

root canal therapy in vaughan
Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of root canal treatment is not to simply remove the nerve that is inside the tooth’s roots; it is to clean, disinfect, and seal the space occupied by the dental pulp. In addition, high quality root canal treatment will give your body the chance to regenerate bone and tissue that was damaged by infection.Teeth which can be treated near ideal have a success rate up to ninety percent! We will discuss with you the chances of success before any endodontic procedure to help you make an informed decision.

vaughan root canal therapy

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