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Dentistry in Vaughan

At Marble Dental Centre, we provide root canal therapy in Woodbridge, Vaughan as a preventive dental

measure to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. If you are experiencing constant tooth

pain, it is imperative that you visit our Marble dental office to determine the source of the problem.

Regular dental exam every six months can detect any oral health issues in their earliest stages and

prevent them from advancing.

Are you looking for root canal therapy in Woodbridge? Contact our dental office located in Woodbridge,

Vaughan today at (905) 303 0066 to schedule your appointment for a root canal in Vaughan, ON. Our

experienced dentists and staff would be happy to assist you to get the treatment done as soon as


Signs Root Canal Therapy is required

Diseased tooth pulp can cause Inflammation or infection. The following signs and symptoms can help

our patients choose between different options if they need root canal treatment:

• Excruciating tooth pain when pressure is applied or when chewing.

• Tooth darkening (a darkened appearance).

• Swollen or painful gums.

• Prolonged sensitivity to temperatures (especially cold)

Our dentists in Woodbridge provide root canal procedure at Marble Dental clinic to decrease the risk of

infection spreading in bone and surrounding tissue and causing bone disease, infection and tooth loss.

In some cases, there may be no symptoms present which is why regular dental visits are essential.

Causes of Root Canal Therapy

When there is pulp inflammation or infection, root canal therapy will need to be performed by your

Marble dental Care dentists. There are many reasons why this can happen, these include:

• Deep Cavities.

• An accident which cause injury to the tooth and mouth.

• Repeated dental procedures on the tooth.

• A fracture or chip in the tooth that exposes the pulp.

• Constant trauma or pressure due to jaw misalignment.

• Teeth grinding (Bruxism) or clenching.

If you have any concerns or questions about receiving root canal treatment near you in Woodbridge,

please contact our office at 905-303-0066 and our staff will answer all your questions.

The Process of Receiving Root Canal Therapy in our dental office

Are you looking for a dental office in Woodbridge that can perform root canal treatment near you?

Firstly, your dentist at Marble Dental Centre, Woodbridge, will perform a comprehensive and complete

dental exam for a deeper look at the state of the tooth. If decided to do the root canal treatment, a local

anesthetic is then administered to numb the tooth and surrounding tissue and a rubber dam is placed

on the tooth to keep it free from saliva during the root canal therapy. We also offer laughing gas at our

modern dental office in Vaughan to reduce your stress before and during the procedure.

Next, an opening is made at the crown of the tooth and fine dental instruments (canal files) are used to

remove the pulp tissues and nerve from the canals of the root. Once the canal has been cleaned and

filled with root canal material, a filling is placed to seal it and restore the tooth to its original shape and

contour. A dental crown is advised to place onto the tooth to protect it and restore its full function.


Once the root canal treatment is completed at Marble Dentistry, the tooth’s structure and strength will

have been compromised due to large cavity and dental filling. To prevent the tooth from cracking, a

porcelain dental crown will be placed. The porcelain crown acts like a “cap” for your tooth, holding

everything tight in place, and prevents the tooth from flexing and bending, which could ultimately lead

to fracture in the tooth.

It is completely normal to experience some minor discomfort or pain after the treatment especially if

there was pain and infection before the treatment, including biting or chewing sensitivity. This typically

subsides in a few days. Pain medications may be prescribed to help with any pain.

Are you interested in receiving root canal therapy in Woodbridge, ON? Marble Dental Centre offers root

canal therapy in Vaughan to save your teeth! Contact us at 905-303-0066 to ask your questions or to

book an appointment as soon as possible.

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