Signs of Gum Disease and What to Do About It

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We are aware that low oral hygiene is one of the most common causes for cavity and tooth decay. Food particles that remain un-removed, promotes bacteria which in turn causes cavity. Similarly another such bacteria which accumulates in millions and causes a sticky layer around our teeth known as plaque is equally harmful.

Plaque in its earliest forms may not be that difficult to remove but, once it has built into a thick layer, it hardens up and sticks to our teeth. This hard accumulation is called tartar and has a similar color to our teeth. It generally accumulates around the ends of our teeth near the gums.  At some point it starts pushing the gums outwards forming pockets between the gums and the teeth and starts accumulating safely, as it hard to remove it simply by brushing. At extreme cases the accumulated tarter may need surgery to be removed, which can be avoided simply by certain care and attention towards your oral health. The following are a few symptoms and signs of gum disease which can easily be noticed and be aware of:

Swollen Tender Gums

With bacteria not that friendly to the gums causes them to swell up and appear bright red in color. Since the plaque in its later stages start receding gums, they initially turn tender and delicate which easily tend to bleed.

Bad Breath

Increasing accumulation of plaque causes bad odour which leaves you having bad breath throughout the day. In spite of minted mouth washes, bad breath will eventually catch up following a few hours.

Elongated Looking Teeth

As the gums start to recede the tooth appears longer than before. This can easily be noticed and is a major sign for gum disease.

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Loose Teeth

As the gums have receded enough and the plaque has started forming pockets, the tooth loses its grip and is not supported strongly by gums. You will find your permanent teeth being shaky and loose.


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