How Is Teeth Whitening Performed in a Dental Clinic

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Teeth Whitening services in Vaughan is one of the most opted dental services. As the trend has its effect, teeth whitening has been commonly promoted using different methods. Activated charcoal, Banana peel scrubbing are a few of the methods of teeth whitening services in Vaughan that have not yet been popular. Turning to your dentist for a teeth whitening service can be most effective, as professional expertise always has its upper-hand. Through this article we want you to have a glance of what is involved by opting clinical teeth whitening in Vaughan.

Methods Used

There are two common methods used in dental clinics while whitening your teeth, one is bleaching and the other is extensive cleaning. Sometimes both the methods are performed if requested by the patient. The Bleaching method uses products such as hydrogen peroxide, carbamide, etc. Teeth whitening in Vaughan by bleaching, have whitened teeth beyond its natural color too. What ever shade you may desire, can be explained to your dentist before your procedure.


Enamel erosion has been common in a few recent years. It is caused by acid attacks of sugar or even harsh brushing. This leads to a cracked enamel filled with stains and debris. Clinical teeth whitening in Vaughan is performed by cleaning the cracks and filling it. Almost all the people who opt for a teeth whitening treatment undergo improvement in either ways.

While performing teeth whitening in Vaughan, your teeth is first photographed and analyzed. After determining the causes of the color decay your teeth would be thoroughly cleaned removing all the accumulated bacteria, food and other substances exposing the remaining enamel. A hydrogen peroxide gel is then applied, covering the entire surface of the teeth. Dense light rays are then projected on the teeth allowing the gel to do its work.   A few in house bleaching techniques are to be followed after the procedure.

Teeth Whitening is never a permanent solution. Regular maintenance is required and the cases of the decay are to be taken care of. Smoking is to be avoided and if not properly maintained, teeth may get back to it’s original color in 6-12 months.

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