Tips for Root Canal Post Treatment Care

Tips for Root Canal Post Treatment Care -dentist in vaughan

Root Canal Surgeries usually take more than one appointment to serve its purpose after which feeling discomfort for several days is common. However few tips and precautions can be kept in mind to minimize the pain and improve the recovery.

Initially, post-surgery you will find the treated area numb and painless. However as you recover you will find your jawbone quite sore due to having your mouth help open for long hours. You will be given an ice pack to be held against your check to reduce the swelling post treatment. Enough attention should be paid for 48 hours post treatment to avoid any infections, or crown damage.

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The sore feeling can be recovered with over the counter medications, but however your dentist might give you a stronger narcotic to be safe. Most prescribed medications for root canal post treatment care can make you feel a bit drowsy, which is why you will be asked to be careful while driving.

Food Intake and Hygiene:

Extremely hot beverages are a strict no after root canal treatment. To avoid severe pain, you will also be asked to avoid chewing for a few hours and instead rely on soup, shakes and drinks. Regular brushing has to be followed to keep your mouth bacteria free but the treated area should however be kept untouched.

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Symptoms for Which You Should Contact the Vaughan Dentist Immediately:

  • Severe paining extending to multiple days after the treatment
  • Any itching, rash or severe swelling around the treated area
  • Any damage to the crown, or lose fitting of the crown
  • In case you find your byte to be uneven because of the crown.

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