Tips To Protect Oral Health – National Oral Health 2019

Dental hygiene is something you would have been advised to follow since your childhood. Brushing your teeth has become more of a natural human necessity rather than just an adaptive habit. With sugary foods and preservative, usage has reached a peak, toothpaste needs to get more efficient. Eating natural foods like carrot, sugar cane or an even apple can make your teeth stronger and cleaner. But since we do not do this on a majority like our buns, chips, and candies, brushing is our only go to. But so we sincerely do it? Or is it enough? Is there anything we need to avoid? Has anybody told you this? So let’s go through a few tips which can improve your oral hygiene today.

What To Use?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance and meant to be a great solution for growing and maintaining teeth. Fluoride can be found in water as well as some foods. Even toddlers are safe to consume a small dose of fluoride which would blend with their bloodstream and promote healthy milk teeth. You can easily shortlist mouthwashes and toothpaste that have fluoride in them for improved usage.

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Habits Not to Maintain:

Avoid milk as the last thing to consume. Either eat or drink something after dairy products or wash your mouth rigorously once you consume dairy.

Consider flossing your teeth as significant as brushing your teeth.
Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco on a regular basis. Wash your mouth with a mouth wash after.
Eat crunchy foods regularly such as carrots or beetroots to give your teeth some strength training.

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