How To Prepare And What To Expect For A Tooth Extraction

It is very common to undergo a tooth removal surgery at some point in your life. In fact, it is uncommon to not have had a tooth removal surgery. If your dentist informs you that you need to have a surgical tooth extraction procedure, don’t panic. Whether you’re getting the surgery to remove blocking, decaying, crowded, or wisdom teeth, you can make your experience smooth and easy by following our steps on how to be prepared and what to expect:


Talk To Your Dentist
Ask about why you need the procedure, how it will go, what they recommend, and the recovery process. This will help you become familiar with the procedure and allow you to create a mental map of the events of the surgery. Knowing

Discuss Your Concerns
Inform your dentist about any health issues you have, any medications you take, and other important elements in your medical history. If you are particularly worried about a specific element of the procedure, share your feelings with your dentist. They can help reassure you of the safety of the procedure by providing you details.

Arrange Transportation To and From the Surgery
Depending on the severity of your tooth extraction, you may be put heavy anesthesia. You will be impaired due to this and therefore unable to drive after the surgery. Be sure to have someone drive you home after the surgery and assist you as you get back to normal.


You Won’t Feel A Thing
Before the surgery, depending on the severity, you will be put under either local or general anesthesia. This will make you go completely unconscious and allow you to not feel any pain during the surgery. At Marble Dental, our top priority is keeping our patients comfortable and calm, which is why we provide local anesthesia in the form of Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) not only for surgical procedures, but for regular dental procedures, too.

Blood and Lots of It
Once your tooth is extracted, you will bleed. Although the blood coming from the place of extraction may seem excessive, remember that bleeding is completely normal. What seems like a lot of blood is actually not much at all. Your dentist will provide you with gauze in order to stop bleeding as it occurs. Be sure to follow instructions on how and when to change gauze.

Pain Medication
Your recovery process will begin after your extraction site has been sewn up and gauzed. This recovery process will include plenty of liquid/ soft food meals and avoiding strenuous activity as recommended by your dentist. It will also, and most importantly, includes pain medication prescribed by your dentist. Be sure to take the proper dosage as prescribed as pain medication can be very dangerous if taken incorrectly.

Having a tooth extraction procedure doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. From our friendly staff, experienced surgeons, and dedication to your health and comfort, we at Marble Dental Centre can provide you with the best tooth extraction procedure possible. If you are in need of a Tooth Extractionin Vaughan, call us today at 905.303.0066.

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