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At Marble Dental Centre in Woodbridge, while it is always our dentist’s top goal to help patients maintain a beautiful smile that lasts for a long time, in some circumstances the extraction of one or more teeth is the best option for your health. At Marble Dental Clinic in Woodbridge, Dr. Milani and Dr. Safarinia make extractions safe, simple, and comfortable for our patients. Contact us today at (905) 303-0066, if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment here in Woodbridge, Vaughan.

Wisdom teeth extractions are a fairly common procedure done at Marble dental Centre in Vaughan. Wisdom teeth sometimes cause problems as they are trying to erupt through the gums. When a wisdom tooth is impacted or semi impacted, it means the tooth is probably angled and not straight through the gum line. This can cause pain, infection, damage to the other tooth, etc.

When a wisdom tooth only emerges partially with a part of the tooth exposed in the oral cavity, a flap of skin, called an operculum, may form over the wisdom tooth. This can make the wisdom tooth even harder to brush, and plaque and pieces of food may be caught under the operculum. This might an infection, called Pericoronitis, which is inflammation of the soft and hard tissues around the wisdom tooth. It might go away on its own, but it causes swelling and pain in the area which in some cases is dangerous.

Impacted teeth and wisdom teeth that can potentially cause problems, like infections and tooth damage, need to be extracted. Extractions can range from a single tooth removal, to removing all four wisdom teeth in one session. Local anesthetic is used at Marble Dental clinic in Woodbridge to numb the areas where the teeth will be extracted and patient will not feel pain during the procedure.

At Marble Dentistry in Vaughan, the gum around the wisdom tooth is cut open conservatively to expose the tooth if necessary. The tooth is loosened by wiggling it back and forth until it can be pulled out of the gums. Sometimes a tooth may be impacted so tightly that tooth sectioning is needed to remove the tooth in pieces. In cases like this the tooth will be sectioned up by our top rated dental surgeons in Vaughan into small pieces before being removed. Depending on the incision and extraction site, sutures may be recommended to close the area. Resolvable sutures are the best option, which will dissolve on their own.

After the surgery is done at Marble Dental Centre, you will need to rest. You can expect for the extraction site to bleed slightly for a short period of time, after the surgery. Gauze will be applied at the completion of the surgery by your dentist in Vaughan, and you will need to change it when it becomes soaked which is usually 30 minutes after surgery. If active bleeding continues for longer than 24 hours you should call your dentist at Marble Dental Care. Rest when you return home, but do not lie flat as it will cause more bleeding. Our top rated dentists at Marble Dental Centre recommend prop your head up on a pillow when lying down. Your dentist will prescribe you pain killers, so before the numbness wears off take as directed. We also recommend to use an ice pack for the pain. Your dental surgeon might also recommend you a cleaning solution to clean the extraction site to prevent infection.

Stay away from hard, crunchy, and sticky foods. You will be limited to soft foods for the first 2 days after your tooth surgery to make sure the surgical site heals nice and fast. When drinking, please avoid using a straw. The sucking motion can cause negative pressure which might loosen your sutures and slow the clotting process. The same goes for smoking. Avoid smoking until your mouth has healed completely.

 If you have prolonged pain, bleeding, irritation, or don’t feel that the extraction site is healing properly call your dentist at Marble Dental Centre for a follow up.

Our dentists in Woodbridge, ON use great care and skill when performing a tooth extraction to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and painless as possible. We will also provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions so that you can properly take care of your teeth and gums as it heals. For more information on tooth extraction and to schedule your personalized consultation at our friendly dental office in Vaughan, we invite you to call us at (905) 303 0066 or visit us today. We at Marble Dental Centre are committed to improving your smile!

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